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March 9, 2012


Shady moves

February 12, 2012

So the other day, I was thinking about how the skate media is out there in force addressing the way Nyjah Huston’s dad “ruined” his career.  I have always found the public attacks on a young teenager urging him to distance himself from his father, and to trust in a company to have his back in his career a bit suspect. In particular, when the company is element, which has at best a mixed history in assisting young skaters in having a long well-respected skate-career.)

(For example, see the Jeremy Wray jenkem interview here, where he suggest that Element Skateboards may not have promoted his skating in the best fashion)

Now I do not know the deal with Mr. Huston Sr. (in fact, I do not know his first name, and I am too lazy to even google it). I am sure that he is a bit of a kook. Perhaps he is even a poor or emotionally abusive father, but I find the various suggestions of malfeasance (example, Chris Nieratko here) a bit much. However, knowing very little of the situation between a child and his father, I am not in a position to speak on the details.

Anyway,this made me think of the general lack of skateboard media coverage on poor management of young skaters in general – and Omar Salazar’s short career on Foundation in specific. Omar speaks on his time on Foundation in his chrome ball interview here.

If you do not remember, Omar had a part in Nervous Breakdown – then a bit of footage in Art Bars – then disappeared.  (He is back now, he is no Knox Godoy, Evan Hernandez, Tosh Townend, etc., but there was a lull in his coverage, sponsorship situation, etc.)  The story of Omar, suggests that perhaps having some parental assistance in making decisions concerning skating may be of some assistance to a young teenager.

In the Chrome Ball Interview, Omar speaks on how Foundation started influencing his skating, then pressured him to skate while injured contrary to his doctor’s instructions. After he dropped his part for Art Bars he had to get surgery which left him unable to walk properly for over a year.  Foundation just dropped him.  The point of the story is that while Nyjah’s dad may have made poor decisions, the simplistic suggestion that trusting a company to do what is best for a skater’s career or life should be looked at with the same scepticism that people attribute to Mr. Huston’s actions). I wonder when the magazines will start writing about the treatment of young kids by team managers and company owners with the same level of criticism as they have to “skatedads” in general. I have quoted the relevant part of the Omar interview below:

<<Do you think Foundation realized the full extent of your style going into your sponsorship?

I don’t know. I know I gave them some footage when I first got on and everything was cool. But after a while, they started saying things like, “Hey, do you think you could do a Smith grind on a rail?” I’d never done that before but I was like, “Sure, I’ll figure it out.” Whatever they wanted. I thought it was the right thing to do.

That’s how it started. I realize now that they were trying to mold me into something I wasn’t, into more of a handrail skater. Not that I don’t like skating rails, but at the time, they just weren’t really my thing. But I did what they wanted, even though it wasn’t the way that I wanted to be.

But then I fucked my knee up really bad. I went to a doctor and he told me about how he’d have to go in there and do all kinds of shit to fix it. Problem was that Foundation was getting ready to do another video (Art Bars). I remember telling them that I wasn’t going to be able to skate in the video and they said, “Well, fuck man. If you don’t have footage in the video, that’s not good. I think you know what that means…”

I was scared. I didn’t want to get dropped. So I ended up fucking skating for the video. I did everything I fucking could on my shitty knee. I skated up to the day before my surgery and managed to pull some shit out. But the next thing I know, I come out from under the gas after the operation and I wake up to the doctor’s face staring down at me saying, “What the fuck? You didn’t listen to me!”

He told me that I had made me knee so much worse and that I’d never skate again. They had everything planned for the surgery but when they got in there, they had to do all this extra stuff. I remember tearing up because all I wanted to do was skate. Skating was the only thing that I could think about.

I know you were super young during all of this. Is that a very common thing for kids to be told how to skate by tm’s and owners like that? 

Back then, for sure. That’s all you’d see. They needed that certain style to cater to. One year, it’s the guy with the beanie and the next year, everybody’s punk. They wanted you to wear some tight pants and fucking taper that shit. I’ve seen that shit happen. I kinda was that product.

But they kicked me off anyway. I did all that stuff to my knee and still ended up getting kicked off. After everything I did. I couldn’t believe it.

So what happened next? 

That’s when I got angry. That wasn’t why I started skating. I didn’t fucking start skating to get sponsored and it sure as hell wasn’t for people to take advantage of me. Skating was what made me happy and this bullshit was taking all that away from me.

An entire year went by after my surgery and skating was all I ever thought about. But I couldn’t do it. I mean, at this point I was learning how to walk again. My right knee would do this weird zig-zag thing so there was no way I could skate. At that point, I had to actually try and fool myself into thinking “fuck skating”. I was just so mad and I thought maybe that would help. I loved it so much but I couldn’t do it.>>

(So basically a young kid can cripple himself for a skate company, and still get cut).

Since this post is a bit of a bummer, I am dropping some links.

Tom Berry’s “Hail Mary” dropped … check it here

Hardcopies of Flipomatic Immunity Vol. 1 are now available – some come with random stickers – some don’t – but they all come with a bonus slideshow of photos which you can also see here

For the homies out in Spain right now, here is the link to the Cookin’ Soul mix tapes download page

For all the homies in SF right now – I have put my Facebook posts to the bay area slaps I have posted in the last 8 months or so.

(I have that all over print stadium jacket)

(apparently Tom Berry’s cat really likes this song)

While I am at it – have some random clips:

For my rock heads, have some rocking’ tracks

For the hip-hop heads have some random rap joints.

Top 17 Skaters – Brian Anderson

February 6, 2012

Brian Anderson gets on the list for a few reasons:

1. He was a weird looking unknown am who moved out west, got a job, and made it.

(dude started out looking like Tom Green; now he is working the runway)

Lookin' good

2. He has been holding it down for years-staying real, ill-style, the whole lot.

3. {Information Redacted} Not to gossip, but it is suspected that BA and Danny Way have a difference of opinion on some subjects.

If you like this sort of thing, he has a lot of tattoos, which he gives a “walkthrough” here

Also, BA is on the list because he had the most “g” Thrasher cover besides Marcus

And the most “SF” cover of The Skateboard Mag ever

An interesting BA interview can be found here

Here is another interview:

Came out the gate with two hard hitting parts

1. Sheep

2. Toy Machine

Early signs of the NYC move?

He seems to be the day in day out tour champ (see this crailtap link here)

More Pics:

Once, I asked a super-old lady how to get to this spot, James still teases me about it.

"Jamie Thomas homage?"

I found this quote from a BA interview amusing…Sheila E., Stevie Nicks & Lil’ Wayne

<<Is music another passion for you? Who are your favourite bands at the moment?

Lately, rollerskating 80′s music a lot, I love that stuff, and Sheila E, I’ve been listening to her a little bit. I’ve been listening to The Strokes a lot again because they’re no longer a band and not popular, so I like to hear it. […] I’ve been listening to Neil Young ‘On The Beach’ a lot lately. It recently came out on disc; it was only on record before, it’s an excellent album. Oh jeez, I don’t know, Stevie Nicks, of course from Fleetwood Mac. Oh yeah! I have this Stevie Nicks tattoo (rolls up his sleeve to show portrait tattoo)

No way!

Yeah, “Gold Dust Woman”! Fuck man, I don’t know, Def Leppard, Nas, Wu-Tang and Lil’ Wayne, I could listen to endless Lil’ Wayne all day, he’s my favourite.>>


January 23, 2012

Apocrypha has various meanings, including “hidden” or “esoteric”.   It comes from Greek – meaning “those hidden away”. It is generally used with a slightly pejorative sense towards non-canonical books in the Bible – and commonly used to suggest something is “spurious” or “is advancing a claim of authenticity which is questionable”.

The most famous of the Old Testament Apocrypha would be the Books of Enoch – which although rendered non-canonical by most Churches are found to be gospel in the  churches of Ethiopia and Eritrea. 1 Enoch being attributed to the pre-Deluge Patriarch and ancestor of Jesus – Enoch – who was transferred to heaven prior to death by God. The questions of the canonical nature of Enoch 1 in turn raised questions about the Epistle of Jude* (the penultimate book of the New Testament) which quotes Enoch 1(Particularly the Jude 1:14-15 quotation of 1Enoch 1:9). Although, history shows early Christians found Jude to be canonical.

As Quartersnacks mentions here the web has become the dumping ground for people’s footage – the collection of skateboard documentation has become more scattered and transient than it was even at the hey-day of the video magazine montage(411VMdigital, logicskate-canada, etc).  Not-only is the “burn-time” of a web-part seemingly only days, finding web-videos a month or two later is quite the exercise in frustration.  Hellaclips – I’m looking at you.

I welcome an user-friendly and up to date library of web-parts similar to what that mail-order site Skately has done with old videos, and advertisements – the “Skately Library”.  Until then it appears that the web-clips will float about the internet – like so much Apocrypha – having some of the best skating clips to be only seen by the initiates who have their web-game on lock.

Here are some of the misc – 2011 – web video clips that I managed to enjoy**

Green Apple + Russ + Mac Dre =  dope welcome video

Palace Inter-national playas

Thrasher’s Double Rock had quite a few good videos this year:

I-Path focussed the team – but it did not stop this video from coming out. This was on-line for a bit but now has seemed to vanish into the ether (but I guess you can buy a dvd at

Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang:

Manny Santiago –  say what you want bout the style – the dude stays getting busy.

Has any one else noticed how Williams,  Anderson, and Johnson are really common last names for skateboarders?

Random “Williams” clip selection.

Enjoy some of the last of my various snapshots I have lying around:

Old School Suga Free


*As an aside please note that competing claims of authorship of The Epistle of Jude, include suggestions the work is to be attributed to Jude, the apostle – who depending on who you ask is also Jude,the brother of James the Just and Jude, bother of Jesus Christ (as James the Just and Jesus Christ are also believed by many to be brothers) – who was also Jude of the 12 apostles.  However, whether Jude the apostle, is the same person as the Jude, the brother of Jesus, depends on who you ask.

** Of course, modesty prevents me from putting Flipomatic Immunity Vol.1 on this list – but you can find it on vimeo here

2011-Beginning of the end? (for physical skate videos) – edit now with more Jake Donnelly and a fixed Jaws link

January 1, 2012

I started to do a year-end post for skateparts of the year, and I noticed that 2011 saw a real drought of actual physical skate videos being released.  Did Sk8mafia even drop their video in a physical form?

This change towards web-based clips makes it harder for a luddite like me to keep track of the video parts that drop.  Also, the move to web-based videos seems to be better suited to watching videos by yourself, rather than with your crew, but whatever.  With the web being the main source of video parts these days, (see Hellaclips) it seems like oft-repeated claim that the skate video is dead may actually be coming true in 2012.

It appears that the concern of a few years ago that video magazines were killing the team video, seems like a quaint worry of yesteryear which speaks more to the concerns with emerging technology than an actual concern (like the great robot panic of the 1930’s; and the Y2K scare).

Interestingly enough it appears that the physical DVD is becoming the domain of the shop and independent filmer video.  This seems somewhat odd, being that the cost of producing physical videos overtop the costs of a digital only release would seem like an easier burden for larger enterprises.

The only major video release of the year appears to be Real’s Since Day One (which I wrote about here)

Anyway Top 9* Physical Videos of the year(with some selected parts):

1. Real – Since Day One (Ishod, Antoine, Donnelly, Ramondetta, Busenitz)

(Donnelly’s part is my pick for the most funpart of the year)

Thanks to DLXSF posting this on vimeo.  One of my favourite things about this video was how everyone seemed to listen to Quartersnacks when they said

“Buy this video. Don’t download it off some Lithuanian Blogspot page.”

(as bootlegs copies of this video seem to be pretty rare)

2. Dimestore – The Deuce (Antoine, Balek, J.S.)

My pick for the most fun video of the year

3. Shake Junt – Chickenbonenowison (Williams and Dollin)

4. MIA – Welcome to MIA (Delatorre and Meinholz)

5. Elkin’s – Poisionous Products

6. Independent – Happy Medium 2 (Jaws)

7. 2nd Nature – Eclectic (Chris Pierre-Jacques)

8. Love Skateboards – Labour of Love

9. Independent – Slub Bucks (Bobby, TJ Rodgers, Beaster)

*If there are physical copies of One Up – Fuck Yinz Volume 2; Nike – The SB Chronicles; and the Sk8Mafia video then there would be 3 more on this list.

Bonus list – Some things you may have missed in 2011

1. R.Kelly’s come back song – Shut Up

2. Lil B/Tony Yayo’s collabo – Based

3. Danny Brown’s – XXX -cop the album here

4. Death Grips – Spread eagle cross the block (All I need is some cool shit to mob, indeed).

5.  Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire – Huzzah (remix) – Lovin’ the flava in the ear homage

See you in 2012.

Flipomatic Immunity Vol. 1 On-line (w/Soundtrack listing)

December 5, 2011

Here it is…

DVD copies (and maybe t-shirts) upon request. Here is a listing of songs in Flipomatic Immunity Vol. 1 – Hit me up if you wanna be in Flipomatic Immunity Vol. 2 -Still  Flippin

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. Also accepting footage submissions for Flipomatic Immunity Vol. 2 -Still  Flippin‘ (Or perhaps it will have a better title, time will see)

You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks

December 4, 2011

Trying to up-load “Flipomatic Immunity Vol. 1” now, but in the interim, here is an embed of Comber’s video “Smoke Break

Also, here are some photos of people who may, or may not, be in  Flipomatic Immunity Vol. 1

Sam left maple, and went to morgan ave in NYC.Sam left maple, and went to Morgan Ave. in NYC – big moves.

D.Williams at his old job, now an industry power playa!

Ayr and I went thrift shopping once.

Streetlife is the only life I know

Thoem! J.C.! Urban!

Arty Brunch

For Sammy, who complains that she never makes onto the blog

Somebody asked me to have more music on my blog, so…

Your blogging host


Day late, dollar short

November 30, 2011

So Flipomatic Immunity (my vid), con leche (Thoem’s vid) and Smoke break (Comer’s vid) dropped yesterday @ Opera Bob’s, and in continuance of my habit of blowing it with my blog, I forgot to let you know. Shout out to Thoem for hooking it up (also thanks Jay for hooking up that audio cable).

Here is a teaser for Thoem’s vid.

The rest of the videos will be on-line soon I suppose (Maybe even DVDs?)

For now, please enjoy my three photo tribute to 100 Massey:

pas le photo

ain't no party like a 100 Massey party ...

young money

Further to my previous post about supporting 5Boro – this has been out for a dog’s age for the internet (22 whole days) but I just saw it today and I decided it needed a repost.

Classy, well made clip – stay doing it real big dudes.

I found this tag walking back from a meeting one day – thought it was funny so I copped a flick.

Wasn't me!

Gold teeth when I smile/ Try to take me out the ghetto but I’m still buckwild/

November 7, 2011

I was going to write a blog post this week-end.  But I went skating instead, I caught some clips on the flipcam – so keep your eyes out for …

Coming soon?


Anyway, enjoy some old photos of  when I lived in Antica Towers in Driftwood/Jane/Finch a few years ago.  For a while there, I was living with Robin and Reggie.  There was good times, dominoes, skating, Kola Champagne, fried chicken/red beans & rice and New Orleans rap music (hence the title and the embed below).


Baller status set up


See below

One time there was some sort of activity which left the main hallways covered with bloodsplatters.  It stayed that way for a while, so the kids who lived there tagged the walls with some sort of Middle Eastern influenced tag reflecting the recent violence in the hallway(which is visible above).  Shortly thereafter the landlords painted over the bloodsplatters with pink paint(which is visible above as well) but left the tag.

Sitting alone in my four cornered room staring at ...

Luxury Apartment balcony


So this was my hallway in my apartment

Here is some skate-stuff.

Bonus Frank Gerwer - The best part of this trick is the ride out.

This spot is at the corner of Mason and California Streets in SF- Go to google and check out the run out on streetview – seriously gnar status.

Also, I want to give a shout-out to Hugo Balek getting on Paradise Wheels.   Check his welcome clip here

Peace Out.

Manchild in the Promised Land.

October 25, 2011

This is my favourite "New York" book. Check it out.

I went to New York recently.  I had “Figured out I went the wrong route”, so “basically I got with a sick ass click and went all out.”  However there was no “Catchin keys from across seas” nor “Rollin in MPV’s”, nor was it the case that “every week we made forty G’s”

It was a pretty sick clique, nonetheless.

Hooked it up with James, Sam, P-Unit, Yacovi, T.Berry, & Justin.  I, of course forgot to film anything, or take any photos.

We ran into Alexis, who was charming. Check out her photos & pick up a photobook.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to 5boro.   I can’t say enough nice things about these dudes.  Do me a favour and support the realness by picking up some 5boro products next time you are looking for some skateboard stuff.

The trip was pretty fun, and was filled with skating and meeting nice people.  I also went to Roosevelt Island – which is a pretty trippy place. I would recommend going there once the new park is actually built and let me know if it is good to skate.  We went, and the Four Freedoms park was still under construction.  The gondola from the Island to Manhattan is a crazy trip, though. (Did you know there is a gondola that lands in midtown Manhattan?)

Coming back, it did remind me of the photos I took on my last trip, which basically consist of photos of my trip from the apartment where we were staying to the falafel shop, and one flick of Elkin that I took when he wasn’t looking.  But as Justin asked about my photos from the last trip, I thought I would post them.

Buggin' out



Oh yeah, we went to a skateshop too.

Falafel shop.

And in tribute to Brooklyn … I present Maurice Key.